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The Mousetrap - Suspect Everyone
A beautifully preserved example of a country house murder mystery

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About The St Martin's Theatre

Set between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, St Martin’s theatre was originally built as a pair with its neighbour, the Ambassador’s theatre, in 1916. The venue seats around 550 people over three levels; a fairly modest number for a West End theatre, but one that suits the current production down to a tee. Agatha Christie’s world-famous play The Mousetrap has run at the St Martin’s Theatre for over 60 years, and continues to this very day.

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Audience Latest Reviews

A better mousetrap
Saw it for the second time in 29 years. Loved it the first time, loved it the second time looking at it from the perspective of a now older man. Besides being a terrific whodunit, with every passing year the show becomes more of a period piece, a murder mystery and a look back into the vanished world of our grandparents. What's not to like? Go see it!
Merlyn, 08 Sep 2013
the mousetrap
my first live stage show. all l expected and more, acting was brilliant, recommend to all. the theatre was so warm and inviting, seems untouched for a hundred years, may it continue to be so.
kathryn, 30 Dec 2012
A very tight show
The overall presentation was crisp, maintaining a clear and direct flow. Not a word was lost on the audience. I loved it. The one disappointment was the upstairs seating. The young women in front of me were fine as none of them were over 5' 2". I am 5' 10" and my knees were savaged by the seat in front. I am sure the seating was designed by a chiropractor trying to solicit business.
Jim, 31 Oct 2012

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