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The Mousetrap - Suspect Everyone
A beautifully preserved example of a country house murder mystery

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

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Monday, 30 January 2023

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2 hours 20 minutes

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The Mousetrap

It has been thrilling audiences for six decades. Countless millions of us, arriving in the West End from every corner of the world, from Australia to South America, Japan, the Middle East and more, have seen it. It's The Mousetrap and it's probably the most famous show on earth. An Agatha Christie masterpiece, it has audiences biting their nails every night, wondering who on earth 'dunnit'!

When five guests arrive at a country hotel, they're annoyed to find themselves completely snowed in. Then things suddenly take a turn for the worse as a policeman arrives with the awful news there's a crazed murderer on the loose. Is the killer one of the hotel guests? If so, which is it? One by one, the guests are questioned and eventually a cunning trap is laid to catch him... or her.

Obviously we don't want to tell you about the ending. It's up to you to go see the show and find out. And the process of finding out is such fun! Get your grey matter in order, concentrate hard and see if you can spot the baddie before the end. No doubt Ms Christie would be delighted. Why not join the massive crowds that enjoy this hugely cool classic night after night?

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Young Couples:

Masterful piece of Aretha christir
Paul, 27 Jun 2022
A must see!
Excellent from start to finish. Brilliant acting, timing and stage presence. I would recommend theatre goers to see this.
Alison, 19 Jun 2022
Must see
Marina, 18 Jun 2022
Glad I have finally been
I have been going to see this on several occasions and now that I have actually succeeded I am pleased I did. The seats in the orchestra stalls had a very good view of the stage. The actors were very good but I can't say much about the plot as I am sworn to secrecy so as not to spoil it for others, however I did guess "who dunnit" before it was revealed, maybe I've watched too many Poirot's
Mary, 15 Jun 2022
The Mousetrap
A brilliant, iconic who dunnit play by Agatha Christie, which had me guessing who the murderer was right to the end.
Jackie, 11 Jun 2022
Wonderful day out
Wonderful day out with my daughter brilliant acting!
Silvia, 03 Jun 2022
A must see
Better than expected!
Chris, 03 Jun 2022
So good you can see why it has ran for 70 years!
Loved the show, but the Theatre was so difficult to find! I found 6 other Theatres before I found the one I wanted. As for traveling there, you must go my Tube. It so fast and easy to get to Leicester Square by tube, you would have to mad to even consider driving there.
Brian, 03 Jun 2022
A good old fashioned play
Seats were great, lovely snug, comfortable theatre. Play was a nice change from the all singing all dancing musicals and had good story with funny bits throughout.
Joanna, 02 Jun 2022
Awesome great entertainment
Carol, 30 May 2022
A Must See for a Theatregoer!
A wonderful show you can't see anywhere else!
Sharon, 30 May 2022
Agatha Christie at her best.
David, 29 May 2022
Very entertaining storyline with very good acting.
As expected, the storyline was entertaining with fun clues to keep you guessing. The acting was wonderful and made the characters very memorable. Highly recommend seeing this play.
David, 24 May 2022
Wayne, 18 May 2022
Lovely London experience
Joanne, 06 May 2022
Truly entertaining
A great show - timeless.
Elise, 04 May 2022
Good fun
Story definitely feels from the period but it’s a good production and a fun evening.
Robert, 23 Apr 2022
Wonderful show
Katie, 08 Apr 2022
It’s a classic
It’s a classic so should not be modernised. But it did seem dated. Actors were good but it was difficult to hear the landlady at times.
John, 23 Mar 2022
Fun night out
Fun night out. Wasn’t as flashy as the musicals but Mae for a nice change
Tracy, 19 Mar 2022
A bit disappointing
The production seemed a bit tired
Jim, 11 Mar 2022
Great show
Craig, 25 Feb 2022
Totally Enjoyed
Seen the show before elsewhere but really enjoyed seeing it again well acted by all
Tina, 24 Feb 2022
Not a boring second
Attila, 13 Feb 2022
Very enjoyable murder mystery.
Ben, 31 Jan 2022
Second time … 23 years later!
Still great after 70 years. Saw it first 23 years ago. Nice too see it again. The whole experience is like stepping back in time … even the seating…
Ivan, 08 Jan 2022
Not all clear
The main female lead was not very clear and hard to understand. Apart from that loved it and so did my husband which was great as it was a birthday treat.
Val, 08 Jan 2022
Enjoyable family whodunnit with the added ingredient of trying to guess whodunnit! I guessed correctly on this occasion but that’s a secret and it’s
It’s good family entertainment with no reason for anyone to be offended.
Gary, 17 Dec 2021
Amanda, 05 Dec 2021
Sheila, 28 Nov 2021
Great Performance
I had seen the Mousetrap years ago and remember loving it, but couldn’t remember the ending! It was great to see it again and it was a lot of fun. Definitely a must see!
Rachel, 09 Nov 2021
Classical masterpiece to be seen!!!
NATHALIE, 01 Nov 2021
Entertaining and fun
The play was a great whodunit and for my wife and I remained a mystery to the very end
Robert, 18 Oct 2021
Put it on your bucket list
Paul, 17 Oct 2021
Amazing show
Loved it, my teenage daughters first play (she’s seen many musicals) and she’s hooked!
Debbie, 16 Oct 2021
1st Show in London, great experience!
Doe, 10 Oct 2021
Awesome! must see
Aarti, 09 Oct 2021
A juxtapositions play.
Great location, great script and a great stage set. However, Laughably wooden acting. Whilst accepting there is a period element to the script (which obviously adds to the charm) and there are undoubtedly tongue in cheek moments - the AMDRAM over acting detracted from this enjoyable performance that was likeable for everything but the acting. I honestly think I saw a Royal Navy ships drama society act this better whilst aboard high seas. Anyhow, worth a punt.
Lee, 28 Sep 2021
Pure AC🤫
Cast was great caught the ambience of the period perfectly.
William, 23 Sep 2021
Despite lockdown we had an enjoyable stay at the Holiday Inn
DAVID, 12 Jul 2021
A better mousetrap
Saw it for the second time in 29 years. Loved it the first time, loved it the second time looking at it from the perspective of a now older man. Besides being a terrific whodunit, with every passing year the show becomes more of a period piece, a murder mystery and a look back into the vanished world of our grandparents. What's not to like? Go see it!
Merlyn, 08 Sep 2013
the mousetrap
my first live stage show. all l expected and more, acting was brilliant, recommend to all. the theatre was so warm and inviting, seems untouched for a hundred years, may it continue to be so.
kathryn, 30 Dec 2012
A very tight show
The overall presentation was crisp, maintaining a clear and direct flow. Not a word was lost on the audience. I loved it. The one disappointment was the upstairs seating. The young women in front of me were fine as none of them were over 5' 2". I am 5' 10" and my knees were savaged by the seat in front. I am sure the seating was designed by a chiropractor trying to solicit business.
Jim, 31 Oct 2012