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St Martin's Theatre Seating Plan

St Martin's Theatre seating plan

St Martin's theatre seats around 550 people over three levels: the stalls, dress circle and upper circle. The theatre is small for a West End venue and the auditorium feels intimate, perfect for The Mousetrap – a tense murder mystery. The best seats in the house are in the centre of the stalls and the first few rows of the dress circle. However the theatre also offers good seats throughout the auditorium and some can be bought without breaking the bank.

The stalls

These are divided into a main front and rear section plus three smaller blocks within each section. The best seats are towards the centre of the stalls (rows F-H). The slope throughout the stalls is excellent and offers clear views over the tops of other audience members’ heads. The overhang from the balcony above only affects the last two rows in the stalls and the obstruction to the view is minimal.

The dress circle

The dress circle is divided into three smaller sections by two aisles running length-ways. The section is wide and shallow, with the front row following tightly along the curve of the balcony. The best seats are found in the front central section around row C, before the overhang of the section above comes into view. This overhang affects the view from the halfway point of the dress circle.

The upper circle

The upper circle feels significantly higher and it's also a lot deeper than the other sections. Divided into two by a central aisle, this level is the best place to grab a bargain-priced seat. Aim to sit as close as you can to the front, avoiding the first row which has considerably less leg-room than the other rows on this level.

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